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Technical Publications

Educational Journals


Study of Animal Behavior in the Zoo

In: American Biology Teacher 47(5) 1985


An Ornithological Radar

In: American Bird 26(3) 1972

With: T.C. Williams, P. O’Mahoney, J.M. Williams


Chronically Ill Children in the Classroom

In: Childhood Education 70(1) , 1994

With:  Barry Frieman


What Heterosexual Teachers Need to Know About Homosexuality.

In: Childhood Education 70(4) 1996

With: Barry Frieman and Hunter O’Hara



Health Publications


Polymerase Chain Reaction Project Exploring Potential Clinical Applications

ACTG to Study Maternal-Infant Transmission of HIV

In: AIDS Research Exchange July/Aug 1989

Environmental Protection Agency Publications


The Use and Development of Environmentally Controlled Chambers (Mesocosms) For Evaluating Biotechnology Products

​With: J. Seidler, J. Armstrong, H. Bolton, R.Cripe, B. Frederick, J. Kough, P. Kiukman, G. McClung, T. McIntyre, Q. Skinner


A New Methodology for the Ecological Assessment of Mining Wastes

With: A. Mittelman, I, Diwan, I, and Y’Barbo


A Risk Assessment Framework: Bioremediation and Environmental Release of Natural or Genetically Engineered Microorganisms.

With: A. Mittelman, H. Strauss, R. Codit, I. Diwan, T. Parkin, J. Robinson, B. Sagik, R. Atlas, M. Levin, D. Cannon


Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines

With: A. Mittelman, B. Bush, Fulton I., Plourd, K.


Ecological Endpoint Selection Criteria

With: A. Mittelman)


Application of Risk Assessment Guidelines: Case Study for Atrazine

With: A. Mittelman, I. Fulton


Ecological Endpoint Selection Criteria

With: A. Mittelman, R. Fulton, K. Plourd, G. Sun, S. Chaube, P. Sheehan


Gut Absorption of Heavy Metals

With: A. Mittelman, S. Stoner, E. Mooney, D. Cannon, R. Brown




A Review of Laws, Regulations and Guidelines As They Pertain To The NASA Occupational Helath Program

With: A. Mittelman, K. Plourd, S. Stoner

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