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"Digestion's an amazing feat!

It transforms all the food you eat

so that the things on which you feed

get changed into the things you need."

Have you ever wondered

Why garlic makes your breath stinky?

How long your intestine is?

Why you burp and fart?

What a slice of pizza looks like going down?

Look no further!

"It peels, it heals, it itches too

It warms you, cools you , turns you blue.

I'll show you how, and when we're through,

you won't believe what skin can do."

Have you ever wondered,

Why you get a pimple on your nose

Why mosquitoes love you

Why you feel cold when you have a fever

Amazing skin will tell you this and more, and its all in rhyme!!!

From worms living in a dog's nose mucus, to exploding ants, to regurgitating gulls, this book will surprise you with the amazing ways animals survive in the natural world.

Listed as one of the Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children (2000) by the Children’s Book Council

Selected by VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) for their 1999 Nonfiction Honor List

"Young readers who find gross behavoir thrilling...will marvel at how animals' repellent actions are actually efforts at self-preservation.  Settel writes with zest...It all just goes to prove that fact often is much more interesting than ficiton." Washington Post Bookworld

"Not just another gross-out book of animal oddities, this attractive volume presents material as wondrous science instead of sensational effect...this is one of those books kids won't want to end." Book list (American Library Association)

"Displays the unusual ways that animals find food, shelter, and safety.  Hooking the reader with easy-to-read text and compelling photos, its "gross" factor will lure the most reluctant young readers into exploring topics such as "caterpillar guts for breakfast." VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

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