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About Me

Dr. Joanne Settel is an award-winning writer of science books for children all published by Atheneum/Simon and Shuster.  She is the author of Exploding Ants Amazing Facts About How Animals Adapt, which was listed as one of the Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children (2000) by the Children’s Book Council. Her newest books are Your Amazing Skin from Outside In and Your Amazing digestion from Mouth Through Intestine. Amazing Skin is now available and Amazing Digestion is due out in September 2019.


Dr Settel also coauthored a popular series of children’s books, including Why Does My Nose Run?Why Do Cats’ Eyes Glow in the Dark?, and How Do Ants Know When You’re Having a Picnic?, which was also listed as an Outstanding Science Trade Book For Children (1986).


Dr. Settel has a Ph. D. in Biology. She is a Professor Emeritus at Baltimore City Community College, where she taught courses in biology, anatomy, and physiology. She lives with her husband in Maryland, where she enjoys bridge, hiking, bird watching, and gardening.

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