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Joanne Settel, Ph.D.

Author of award-winning science books. Professor Emeritus Baltimore City Community College.


Coming July 9th 2024.  To pre-order click on the link.


Animals survive in astounding ways they trick, trap and fry predators; feed on other animal's poop and skin; and use electric zaps, slime and farts to communicate. This book explores the surprising ways and sometimes hilarious ways animals adapt.

Have you ever wondered

Why garlic makes your breath stinky?

How long your intestine is?

Why you burp and fart?

What a slice of pizza looks like going down?

Amazing Digestion will tell you this and more, and it's all in rhyme!!!

Have you ever wondered

Why you get a pimple on your nose

Why mosquitoes love you

Why you feel cold when you have a fever.

Amazing skin will tell you this and more, and it's all in rhyme!!!

From worms living in a dog's nose mucus, to exploding ants, to regurgitating gulls, this book will surprise you with the amazing ways animals survive in the natural world.

Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children

The Children’s Book Council (2000)

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